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Chewie's Playland

Doggie Day Care, Boarding, Training and more!


Benefits of boarding your with Chewie's Playland:

Our boarders are never alone, have lots of activities, attention, and love! This is not the typical kennel where they stay in runs/cages and go out 3 times a day!

- After they have eaten and had their morning potty breaks the dogs join the doggie daycare social scene! Here they are treated just like the daycare pups! Lots of love, attention, playtime, and cuddle time with friends! We chose a comfort level set by you and your dog for their exercise, playgroups, and cuddle time!

- Boarded dogs are always supervised 24 hours, during the day in the playland there is always a staff member there to watch, play and love every minute and after daycare, they are supervised overnight by technicians or qualified staff.

- If you have an older dog we are able to cater to them by giving them their own space and they still get lots of loving and attention!  They actually love watching the other dogs!

- The playgroups and playtimes are open so the dogs can mix and mingle with their new friends that they are comfortable with.  If you prefer that your dog(s) do not interact with the rest of the daycare pups we can keep them separated and they still have just as much fun!

We do offer upgraded boarding suites/rooms as well as a room service menu, see details below for descriptions!

Feline Boarding:

- Our cats are just as special to as well! They are kept away from the pups and the daycare.  They receive many visits throughout the day to be petted, brushed and played with.  We do give them exercise in an enclosed room so they can stretch their legs! Cages vary in size, we are able to give kitties the cozy quarters for shy kitties or room to stretch out for the adventurous ones!  Their boxes are cleaned 3 times a day.

We try to match your home routine and can tailor things to you and your pet's needs!  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

We want you and your pets happy and worry-free!

**During vacation and holiday time we can not hold boarding spots for more than 24  hours. **

**We will not book your reservation without a completed application and your pet's vaccine and fecal history and we fill up FAST during the summer, holidays, and vacations.  Please plan ahead**


What To Bring:

  • Food (Especially if your  pet is on a special diet)
  • Treats if they have allergies
  • Medications
  • If you would like to have their own toys or bones at night put we do provide them.
  • Bed if your pet needs a certain type otherwise bedding is provided.
  • Raised dishes if your pet needs to eat with them
  • Blankets are provided, if you bring  a blanket from home please do not bring a special one, they can sometimes get lost after being washed.
  • Please make sure all belongings are labeled.

To keep things from wandering off we do try to ask that owners bring minimal items :) I promise we have plenty of beds, blankets and bowls. If you pet runs out of food we do have food for sensitive stomach and for pets with allergies.



Deposits and Cancellation Fees:

Boarding Reservations during holiday weeks/weekends and school vacation periods (February, March, and April) require a $50 deposit per a holiday, this deposit is refundable if cancelled 14 days prior to boarding date. We do require a $25 deposit for all other boardings and we ask that other boarding reservations cancellations are made at least 3 days prior to boarding date to avoid a $25 cancellation fee.  If a client has cancelled more then 3 times and they are not within the times periods above you may be required to make a deposit of the full boarding when booking future dates.

There is also a $10 holiday fee per a pet on the major holidays, this helps reward our staff that can not enjoy the holiday.

Cancellation Fees if the proper amount of time was not given:

During Holidays, School Vacations weeks, and Summer: $50

Other times of the year: $25

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