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Meet Our Trainer

January 8, 2018

Monica Tidrick, Certified Master Trainer

Monica Tidrick was born and raised in Stamford, Connecticut, where she grew up loving animals and waiting for the day when she could have a place of her own to live and work with animals of all kinds. She originally worked as a veterinary technician developing a compassion for assisting animals in need and learning how to medically care for them.

In 1995 She enrolled in a Master Trainer’s course at National K-9 in Columbus, Ohio and continued her goal in learning how to help animals, not only in the medical field, but also by means of emotion and behavior. Directly following her certification as a Master Dog Trainer, she returned to Connecticut to begin training. After a very successful first year, craving a more rural setting for herself and her animals, Monica moved to New Hampshire and began her new business.

Monica has been serving the New England area for 20 years, offering her behavioral and training techniques to owners, in hopes of developing healthier and happier relationships between them and their trusted companions. Monica is known for her patient specialty work with overly aggressive animals as well as other undesirable behavioral problems.

Monica's true passion is rehabbing unwanted animals and making them adoptable companions.

Monica’s family shares their home in NH with five  dogs, one cat, a cockatoo, a bunch of spoiled rotten chickens and any number of current foster animals who are currently rehabbing and looking for a forever home.

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