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Doggie Day Care, Boarding,Training and more!


Please Explore the Daycare, Boarding, Grooming and Training Tabs for all services and easy to read tables and policies. This is just a very quick overview.

**All Prices are Subject to Change**

Doggie Day Care:

Monday through Friday 7am - 7 pm

Saturday 8am to 4pm at South (Most Saturdays, Please view Calendar)

Saturday 9am to 4pm at North

Early Drop off/Late Pick Up additional $10 if with 2 hours of our business hours, if exceeding 2 hours then the price is $15. **NORTH Location Only**  If you are late picking up at our South Location it is a $25 late fee and your dog may be brought to North.

Package Type


Price per a Pass

1 Full Day Pass



2 Daycare Passes



4 Daycare Passes



10 Daycare Passes



20 Daycare Passes



30 Daycare Passes



45 Daycare Passes



5 Hour Pass (Half Day)



10 Half Day Pass



2 Hour Pass



10 2hr Passes



All Above ^ Packages can be shared among family pets, will reflect Multi-pet Discount.

Month Packages:  ALL PASSES EXPIRE 30 DAYS AFTER PURCHASE, NO ROLLOVERS, NO REFUNDS on DAYS NOT USED.  If you miss your regularly scheduled day, cannot come, or your scheduled day falls on a holiday we will try to see if there is a different day with space, if not, then your pass is forfeited, our regular cancellation policy still applies.  These passes only make sense to purchase if you are on a permanent regular schedule and wanted more of a monthly or semi month budget. They are discounted a little more because of the above information and the risk.

1 Month 23 Passes $400 (Covers Consecutive days M-F, does not include weekends) Only can be shared between pets if they all come at least 4 days a week (NO EXCEPTIONS).


1 Month 30 Passes UNLIMITED $440 (Includes Weekends) Only can be shared between pets if they all come at least 4 week days and 2 weekend days(NO EXCEPTIONS)


1 Month 9 Passes $235 (Covers 1 dog at 2 days a week for a month(4.5 weeks)  or 2 dogs at 1 day a week)


1 Month 13 Passes $340 (Covers 1 dog at 3 days a week for a month(4.5 weeks) or 2 dogs at 2 days a week)


Specialized Daycare: For dogs that can not be in the main pack and need a specialized routine. Includes, walks, down time, training, play time, puzzles, or medical attention. $30 a day, can buy packages of 5 for $150



Available 7 days a week:

Dogs: $46 a night (Includes 1 day of daycare and 1 overnight)

Cats: $30 a night (Includes individual play times)

Small Exotics: $10-20 a night

Large Exotics $30 a night (includes play times)

Extra $10 for Holiday Boarding per pet (on the holiday).

***There may be a $23 charge for daycare on the last day of boarding if you pick up after 24 hours***

**Medication administration and treatments may be additional if they take more then 5 mins to complete***

**Please visit our boarding page for additional suites available, room services and add-on's**

**Extra Cleaning Fees applies to all dogs in isolation**

Early Drop off/Late Pick Up additional $10 if with 2 hours of our business hours, if exceeding 2 hours then the price is $15. Pick up and drop off outside of Sunday Hours/Holiday Hours $10




Multi-pet Discounts: All pets must active

2 pets 10%, 3 pets 15%, 4 pets 20%

Extras Services:

  • VIP Membership: Includes 10% off all purchases, free nail trims, 1 free Saturday daycare pass a month, and VIP Discount Coupon  ($12.75 to $13.50 depending on discount) towards a groom once a month
    • 6 Months: $60 Additional Pets $20 per 6 months
    • VIP Membership 1 year: $120 Additional Pets $40 per a year
    • **If you purchase a VIP membership with your multi-pet discount you get an additional 5% percent off. For Example two dogs without VIP get 10% off, 2 Dogs with VIP get 15% off plus all benefits :)
  • FieldTrips: $13 with daycare (pass, 2 hours, 4 hour or full day) includes off leash trips, pond swimming, pool parties, ice cream parties, and hikes. **Packages of 10 Fieldtrips are available for $120**
  • Bark and Ride Home Pick up and Drop off: 7am to 9am and 5pm to 7pm

    $10 with in 5 miles, $15 between 5-10 miles, $20 between 10-15 miles

  • Walks while in daycare: $10 for 10 min and $15 for 15 mins.

  • Training Sessions while in daycare: 15 min basic obedience/homework $15 or 30 min Mini Session with Trainer $30

  • Home Visits (Done between 10am and 2pm): $30 for 20 mins $40 for 30 mins

  • Medical Attention/Care:

    • Medicine/Supplement administration(non-oral, times outside of AM/PM Meals)    $5 a day

      Medical treatments requiring 5 mins or more                                                         $10 a day or treatment

      PT                                                                                                                           $15 a day or treatment

      Bandage Change/Wound Care                                                                              $10 per a change

      GI Support (Medication and Probiotic)                                                                   $10-$20 depending on stay

      GI Support Food                                                                                                     $Varies based on Bland diet can food or homecooked meals

      Isolation/Cleaning Fee                                                                                           $5 per a day,

Daycare: Please Click Here to See Our Daycare Page for Prices and Services

Grooming: Please Click Here to See Our Grooming Page