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Chewie's Playland

Doggie Day Care, Boarding,Training and more!


Starting the first of the year there will be small increase of about 3% in our prices.
We have not raised our prices in the past couple of years but due to normal price
increases of supplies and utilities etc we need to make this change. We also want
to make sure that Chewie’s can remain a career path for employees so they can
continue to grow with us.

Doggie Day Care:

Monday through Friday 7am - 7 pm

Saturday 9am to 4pm

Early Drop off/Late Pick Up additional $10 ***Can drop off at any time and your dog will be transferred once day care opens.  Early drop off/late pickup are done through AMC entrance

1 day pass $30

2 day pass $57

4 day pass $110

10 day pass $250

20 day pass $460

1 Month Pass $385 (Consecutive days M-F, does not include weekends)

1 Month Pass UNLIMITED $420 (Includes Weekends)

2 hours or less $15 per a dog (10 Visits for $130)

4 hours or less $20 per a dog (10 Visits for $175)


Available 7 days a week:

Dogs: $45 a night (Includes 1 day of daycare and 1 overnight)

Cats: $30 a night (Includes individual play times)

Extra $10 for Holiday Boarding per pet (on the holiday).

***There may be a $22.50 charge for daycare on the last day of boarding if you pick up after 24 hours***

**Medication administration and treatments may be additional***


BOARDING CANCELLATION FEE $50- Please see policies

Multi-pet Discounts: All pets must active

2 pets 10%, 3 pets 15%, 4 pets 20%


VIP MembershipIncludes 10% off all purchases, free nail trims, a dog bone with their name on it, 1 free Saturday daycare pass a month, $15 dollar bath once a month

6 Months: $60 Additional Pets $20 per 6 months

VIP Membership 1 year: $120 Additional Pets $40 per a year

**If you purchase a VIP membership with your multi-pet discount you get an additional 5% percent off and all pets get free nail trims etc**

** All VIP Memberships will be renewed in January or June and will be prorated if bought during other times.


Walks 1 to 2 miles $15 additional to daycare/boarding

Runs 1 to 2 miles $20 additional to daycare/boarding

Individual Play Time/”Tutor” Session per (1/2 hour) $15

Medical Doggie Day Care (Private/Nursing Care) $3-5 in additional to daycare/boarding.

Special Treats $3 to $5 a day

Toys and treats will be available for purchase ranging from $4 to $15

Medical treatments provided by owner can cost up to $5 to $10 per a day depending on amount/time.



Nail trims (and filed) $15

Teeth Brushing: $10

Teeth Scale and Polish $50

Ear cleaning $10

Baths $30 (includes nail trim)

Brush Out/Demat: $20 - $50

Clip and Clean Hotspot $20

Haircut/Bath depend on breed/size/type of trim: Starts at $40


Grooming Special: