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Chewie's Playland

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Chewie's Crew

Bonnie is the owner of Chewie's and she has been working with animals for over 10 years in the veterinary field.  She is a knowledgeable veterinarian technician and knowledgeable in animal behavior which gives her the best set of skills to run a doggie daycare.  She owns 4 dogs, 2 min pins Leia and Vada and two prague ratters named Obi  and Tekka which all are the VP of marketing ;).    You can read all about Chewie the dog behind the business on his own page!  Bonnie also has a baby girl named Autumn with her husband Ben who was born in March 2015.  She hopes Autumn will take on the same love for animals that she has!

Devin has been with Chewie's since August 2013.  She moved here from Maine where she used to help run the family Inn and restaurant.  She has always had a passion for animals and rescue work.  She owns quite a few dogs, cats and horses! She is experienced in working with Bully Breeds. Her passion and drive has lead her to become a supervisor at Chewie's.

Celine was the first employee at Chewie's!  She was a registered nurse and has owned many pets that had special health needs.  Her love for animals and knowledge of  makes her a great asset to Chewie's.  She also is the Chewie's Momma, taking caring of all us girls.  Celine has a sweet spot for black dogs and little scruffy dogs :)  Celine is one of the Chewie's Supervisors.

Wendy has also been with Chewie's from the beginning starting in October of 2012.  She loves working with animals.  She is always making the scared, old and timid dogs feel at home.  She has an interest in animal training that she might pursue in the future. Being a hair dresser comes in handy at times when we need help trimming faces on the pups!

Abbhas been a part of Chewie's since 2013. She started off as an early employee before she started her career as a Veterinary Technician. Through the years she has come to say hi to the staff and brought her dogs in for boarding and daycare. She has been back with us part time since April of this year. She has rescued four dogs over the last five years. Savannah, Delilah, Hoss, and a previous Chewie's foster, Forest. 

Stephanie has been involved with Chewie's since it opened. She is Celine's daughter on top of all that she does for the daycare! Not only does she work and help out at both locations, she does the bark and ride for our daycare pups, AND takes a lot of the beautiful photos seen on the Facebook page and our holiday photos. 

Ally joined us in December of 2014.  She is currently in college and is in pursuit of exploring her love for animals as well.  Ally loves to get in and run and play with the pups :)  She recently adopted her first pup!

Kaileigh joined us in the Fall of 2014.  She is currently in college majoring in biology. She owns the cutest Shiba-Inu.  She loves taking the dogs on fieldtrips.

Autumn joined our team in August of 2015.  She loves helping pets in need and taking photographs. 

Paige loves dogs but her favorite are lab puppies.  She has been on our team since August of 2015.

Meghan joined our team in June of 2016, she has big heart and loves being with pups at chewies :)

Victoria is a Junior at Nashua High School South and joined the Chewie's crew right before her Freshman year. She has a big passion for working with animals and has loved every second of working. She has a blast playing with the pups every time she comes in and loves looking after them all. 

Jess has been working at Chewie's since 2015, she also helps by dog walking.  She has grown up with animals and loves to horseback ride.

Kayla joined our team in May of 2017.  She wanted to explore her love for animals, she is currently a senior in high school.

Ted joined our team in Jan of 2017 but has always been a part of Chewie's from the beginning since he is Bonnie's father.  He recently retired from working for the city and is now the maintenance guy for Chewie's.

Kendra joined us in the Spring of this year. She is one of daytime supervisors as well as part of the overnight staff. She is a graduate of UNH with a Bachelor's in Psychology and a Minor in Animal Behavior. She has worked with animals her whole life such a showing in competitions as a junior handler, and helping train and breed dogs. She hopes to pursue a career in animal behavior but for now loves working with all the animals at Chewie's.

Makenna started working with Chewie's early  She is an Animal Behavior major in college. She grew up as an only child but with multiple fur baby siblings. She has a passion for training and caring for animals. 

Ava has two dogs of her own but loves all the other dogs at Chewie's just as much! She grew up with dogs and has always loved them. She enjoys meeting new dogs and getting to know their personalities. Playing with all the dogs is one of her favorite parts of the job! If you are looking for her outside of work, she will most likely be in the middle of reading a good book, or out on the track! 

Jacob is a Junior in high school and loves dogs! He has a doggy sister and currently learning to become a dog trainer. He loves art, math, and being around other people. He enjoys spending time other people's pets and getting to know them.