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Chewie's Crew



Bonnie is the owner of Chewie's and she has been working with animals for over 10 years in the veterinary field.  She is a knowledgeable veterinarian technician and knowledgeable in animal behavior which gives her the best set of skills to run a doggie daycare.  She owns 4 dogs, 1 min pins Vada, a Doberman Ahsoka, and two Prague ratters named Obi and Tekka which all are the VP of marketing ;).    You can read all about Chewie the dog behind the business on his own page!  Bonnie also has a daughter named Autumn.  She hopes Autumn will take on the same love for animals that she has!

Monica (Trainer Manager): Her Bio can be found on our Training Page :)


Devin (Manager) has been with Chewie's since August 2013.  She moved here from Maine where she used to help run the family Inn and restaurant.  She has always had a passion for animals and rescue work.  She owns quite a few dogs, cats, and horses! She is experienced in working with Bully Breeds. Her passion and drive have lead her to become a Manager at Chewie's.


Celine (Manager) was the first employee at Chewie's!  She was a registered nurse and has owned many pets that had special health needs.  Her love for animals and knowledge of them makes her a great asset to Chewie's.  She also is the Chewie's Momma, taking care of all us girls.  Celine has a sweet spot for black dogs and little scruffy dogs :)  Celine is one of Chewie's Supervisors.


Wendy (Supervisor) has also been with Chewie's from the beginning starting in October of 2012.  She loves working with animals.  She is always making the scared, old, and timid dogs feel at home.  She has an interest in animal training that she might pursue in the future. Being a hairdresser comes in handy at times when we need help trimming faces on the pups!

Tatyana (Supervisor) joined Chewie's in 2019 and has experience working with animals and is in the Army Reserve. She loves her cats!

Kayla (Supervisor) joined our growing team in 2019 and has over 7 years working with animals.  She loves her cats and dogs.

Paige (Supervisor) loves dogs but her favorite is lab puppies.  She has been on our team since August of 2015.


Stephanie (Supervisor Assistant and Photographer)  has been involved with Chewie's since it opened. She is Celine's daughter on top of all that she does for the daycare! Not only does she work and help out at both locations, but she also does the bark and ride for our daycare pups, AND takes a lot of the beautiful photos seen on the Facebook page and our holiday photos. 


Autumn (Supervisor Assistant and Photographer) joined our team in August of 2015.  She loves helping the pets here at Chewie's and taking photos for the photoshoots and the daycare pups! Autumn loves to meet all the different breeds and hopes to do something with animals in her future.



Victoria (Supervisor Assistant) started at Chewies in September of 2016 and has worked here since she started high school. She has a big passion for animals and even has a dog of her own. She is now a college student and is studying business. She loves going on field trips and playing with all the animals at Chewie's


Brad (Supervisor Assistant) has worked with animals for over 5 years and has a big passion for them :) He is often playing with the pups and you can find him with his dog Apollo by his side.


Vikki (Supervisor Assistant) has been working with animals for over 20 years and is a Supervisor Assistant at Chewie's, she joined the team in 2017.

Becca (Supervisor Assistant) has joined the team in August of 2019. She loves being around the dogs and being a part of the field trips. You can sometimes find her with her dog Missy a 13-year-old black lab mix.


Kelsey (Supervisor Assistant) joined the team in October of 2019. She loves animals with a big passion and wants to work in conservation for the state in her future! She is currently a college student and she recently adopted a Rottie named Mocha.


Makenna (Supervisor and Training Assistant) started working with Chewie's February of 2018.  She is an Animal Behavior major in college and works with our trainer Monica helping train some daycare dogs. She has a passion for training and caring for animals. You can probably catch her with her crazy little mix, Echo. 

Nia (Training Assistant) joined the team in March 2021 and is working towards becoming a dog trainer with her training courses! She has two pups of her own and loves to work with them and their skills along with the client's dogs as well. She has a big passion for not only dogs but art and video games. 

Analise (Groomer/ Grooming Manager) joined the team in August of 2020 and she loves to spend her time with all types of dogs. She is a country girl at heart and loves to groom and make dogs look amazing! 

Maddy (Groomer) joined the crew in May of 2020. The most important things in her life have four paws! She started off as a vet assistant before she realized she loves working one on one with animals. She jumped into the dog grooming world and loves making pets feel their best. 

Hannah (Shift Lead)  joined the team in August of 2020. She has experience as an assistant manager at a different doggy daycare. You may find her also grooming and bathing dogs making them smell all nice! She loves to be around the pups and you can see her with her dog Malibu by her side!

Hannah (Shift Lead) is one of our amazing high school students also in the animal care program at school. She loves her dogs and also rides horses on the side and loves to work at the barn and take care of them as well. 

Rachel (Shift Lead) has been with Chewie's since 2018 and loves working with animals, you can always catch her cuddling on the ground with them.


Noah started with Chewie's in 2018, you can always catch him cuddling or carrying them.  He also helps keep them safe and happy overnight!

Tiffany joined the team in August of 2020 and loves playing with the animals and creating good bonds with them. Tiffany also works as a vet tech and can always be ready to bring those skills to Chewie's. 

Kayla joined the team in March of 2019. She has three dogs of her own and one of them is deaf. In a similar fashion, she is also deaf. Even though she cannot hear it doesn't stop her from giving lots of love to the fur-babies!.

Molly started working for Chewies in August of 2020, and loves to experience all the different personalities on the pups! She is interested in working as a heavy equipment operator in her future. She loves spending time with family and friends and taking care of her horse, Moo!


Sarah comes from a doggie daycare background and started to work at Chewie's in October of 2019. She loves to work with dogs and meet all different personalities.

Kaydee has been with Chewie's since April of 2019. She loves to play and hang out with the dogs and also loves to be a part of the field trips. She has 4 pets of her own and just loves animals all around. 

Maranda joined Chewie's in September 2019, she loves creating the bonds she has with the pups. She is currently in a vet science program at her high school, hoping to pursue vet science in the future. 


Austin has a big heart for the pups! He loves to hang around outside with the big dogs and play with them all day! He has been with the crew for a while and loves to be a part of field trips to go swimming with the dogs. 

Madison joined the team in 2020. She loves to hang out and play with all the dogs. She hoped to help train military dogs in the future.

Meghan joined our team in June of 2016, she has a big heart and loves being with pups at chewies :)

Karla joined the team in September of 2018 and she loves to spend time and play with all the animals at Chewie's. She is currently studying to become a kindergarten teacher in her future. She has always loved animals and having fun with them!

Izzy started at Chewie's in 2019 and she also jobs shadows at a veterinary hospital currently making her dream to become a vet in her future in action.

Celina joined the team in August of 2020. She loves to hang out with the animals and give them lots of love. She loves doing yoga and also has her own cat! She wants to become a BAU Investigator in her future.

Charlotte joined the team in February of 2021 and she has a big passion for animals wanting to work with them in the future. She has two pups of her own and grew up with animals all around her giving her the special love she has for them.











Ted joined our team in Jan of 2017 but has always been a part of Chewie's from the beginning since he is Bonnie's father.  He recently retired from working for the city and is now the maintenance guy for Chewie's.