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In Loving Memory of Chewie


Chewie Sommers

December 1st 2003 ~ June 2nd 2013

 Chewie, AKC name Chewbacca King of Wookiee’s was born December 1st 2003 on a horse farm in Minnesota.  He came to us the size of a Pepsi can and never grew to be more than a Gatorade bottle.  This little bundle of joy had so much energy weighing in at 2.5lbs, we new he was going to special. 

Chewie was a traveler, he went everywhere with me, classes, stores, restaurants, salons, bars, and he made friends quickly and became the highlight of their day.  He was extremely photogenic and he knew how to pose, he was a ham for the camera.  He had a few hats he wore, his favorite being his Burberry one. He knew if he wore it he would get a lot of ooh’s and aaw’s, whenever he saw his hat he would get excited and spin, let me put it on and then run to his purse but the moment we got home he would swipe it off.  He hated to be with out clothes and I was always searching for cute items, which is how Chewie’s Pet Boutique came about.

 Chewie broke his leg when he was about 8 months old jumping off a bed, we were devastated but he was strong and had lots of love and support from everyone including the Fairfax Hooters girls, who raised some money for his surgery and I will say he is probably the only dog to get his bandages signed by the girls. He was loved by the girls and often hung out for a drink with them after work making their day better.

 Chewie knew over a 20 tricks and loved to perform them, he would push his food dish over so he would do tricks for his kibble.  If he didn’t do that he would also take 1 piece of kibble and run to the bed to eat, even if it meant going up 2 flights of stairs.   His favorite foods included French fries, munchkins, steak and greenies. One of his tricks that became a favorite for people was his “dance” which looked like a karate kick because he was so fast.

 He loved his munchkins so much that one of the few Dunkins in Fairfax always knew when Chewie was coming and they even hung a picture of him on their wall.  He was also shown off at a Red Sox game where a crowd of 2 or 3 people turned into 50 because of his little Red Sox jersey.  Coach in Georgetown also had a special place for him, and he was an inspiration for a new dog carrier.  He always seemed to be a celebrity dog.

 Chewie had many dog carriers but his favorite was his Black Juicy couture bag, he loved his bag and would jump right in, if I knew it was going to be a long day I had to pack lots of treats or he would find a way to poke his head out.  His little bags always fit perfect on the console.  He loved taking rides with me in the convertible, we were quite the pair.

 He loved keys, almost always his Mommas.  He would start jumping for them when he was ready to stop walking and carry them miles home.  He would also want them when I came home and would go crazy until I gave them to him.  He stole my keys so much and made me late so many times I had to get him his own set. 

 Besides keys, Chewie’s favorite toys were mini jingling basketballs and piggy cat toys.  He had so many.  They were the only toys at the time that he could pick up.  Chewie was around before Paris Hilton showed up with her little Chihuahuas so mini toys and small clothing were not so easy to find.  Chewie had his own collection of clothes to wear to his Dad’s track and cross country meets.  His favorite was his George Mason themed green and gold Puma shirt.  Even though he was never competing he always seemed to be a star.

 Chewie loved to be around people and would always wrap his little paws around their neck and give them kisses.  He had a special way of making someone’s day.  He is even one of the few little dogs that loved children.  He would always allow them to hold him, and dress him up.  He loves my niece and nephew, whenever they were around he would be somewhere near.  He was always made his presence known at family gatherings in his outfits. He was absolutely stunning in our wedding in his tux!

 Chewie became sick in 2009 and after many veterinarians and specialist visits and testing his disease still remains unknown and we only have best guesses at this point.  All the love and support that made him this little trickster and model now turned into to keeping him medically stable and supported until it was time. It was time for the people that he was always there for to be there for him. I am very fortunate that I have such a special little dog that has touched the lives of many.  His min pin sisters even picked up some traits of him.  There are a million stories I have to share as well as a million reasons why I will miss him.

Chewie holds within him all of the love and passion I have for animals which ultimately became Chewie’s Playland. As I sit here today with him on my lap, as I write his little story, my eyes filled with tears knowing that his legacy will carry on after he crosses that rainbow bridge. He has touched the lives of many and will continue to do so.

I love you Chewie and no words or tears can compare to how much you mean to me.  You will be greatly missed.

Love your Momma xoxo