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Hello Chewie's Family!

We have some very exciting news!  Chewie's South is FINALLY Opening at 217 West Hollis Street, Nashua!!!!  There has been a few set backs along the way but things are coming together and we are happy to announce that we will be taking a small number of daycare dogs, grooming appointments and training appointments officially starting Wednesday March 7th,!  We were hoping to start Monday the 5th but due to this storm the flooring was not delivered and installed today as well as the finishing of the daycare entrance stairs, I thank everyone for their patience with finding a location and waiting for it to open.

With that being said if you have driven by lately to check up on us you will notice that we do not have a fenced in area with turf due to a hold up with Plans, so the pups attending will be walked every 2-3 hours (There is trail next to our building for nice potty breaks). They will be double leashed with a martingale collar for extra safety. We are hoping to have the fence situation settled with in the next month or so, we have all the material just waiting on the go ahead from the City.

If you are currently on the waitlist for South Daycare you can e-mail us if you are ok to begin at south given that there is no fenced in area for outdoor play but are okay with walking every 2-3 hours (similar to the Original location).  We will be keeping everyone updated with the progress.

Over the next month there will be some more improvements made to the South Location, after those are made we will increase the number of dogs allowed the beginning of April. Then a final number set once the fenced outdoor play area is complete.

We will have a small Chewie's Boutique there selling quality pet food (yes, Fromm and other great brands), toys and treats :)  We will continue Bark and Ride home pick up's and drop off for $10.  Bark and Ride at the parking lot will discontinue instead you may drop off at south and we can shuttle your pup to north for you for $5.

We will start scheduling the initial private Puppy Preschool class with the Trainer and Group Classes will begin Mid March. Other advanced group classes will be posted soon.

Chewie's South does not do boarding at this time, we may potentially in the future allow boarding during vacations and holidays since we tend to book up pretty quickly.  We will be adding it in the future.  Because there is no boarding at this location there is no Early Drop off, Hours are 7am to 6:00pm, Late pick up will be allowed for $10 from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.  If you will be later then 7pm you must notify us by 6:30pm so we can bring your pup to the North Location.  Any pick ups after 7pm will result in a $25 charge.

Please let me know if you have questions by email and please allow me 12 hours to answers since I usually get an overwhelming response to these notices.  Info on the training can be found on our website!  Please remember to search and like Chewie's South on Facebook to get announcements!

Some questions I know I will get:  The staff will be rotated between the two locations so you will be seeing new and familiar faces plus the staff needs to see all the pups! Daycare passes/packages can be used at both locations and yes you can attend both locations (i.e. South on Tuesdays and North on Thursdays), We just need to schedule it in advance!

Once again thank you all for being amazing clients/Chewie's Family members, it means a lot to my staff and I!



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