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June 2021 Newsletter: Policy Updates and Other information

Hello Chewie’s Family,

News, updates, and important policy information!

We are all ecstatic that life is finally finding it’s way back to some normalcy again, but unfortunately it isn’t without its issues here at Chewies. Although we wish we could accommodate everyone, and we are trying our best, it’s just not always possible with everyone trying to go on vacation or take day trips at the same time.

As most of you already know, we have had waitlists for set days/schedules for the last few years. This has left only limited daycare spots available, as well as limited boarding. We have always been upfront about this issue, even including it on the top of our applications and our website starting back in 2018/2019. For the last six months, to help catch up on the waitlist, we have only been accepting new clients for grooming, training, home services, and the puppy social. I know many of you are still waiting for set days, and I apologize, but safety is my number one priority.

Boarding updates/changes/info:

To best accommodate our current and regular clients as much as possible, we do unfortunately have to update our current boarding guidelines.

Going forward - Holiday weekends and school vacations, priority will be given to clients that meet one of the following criteria:

  •  An active ‘boarding only’ client that has been with us for 5 years or
  •  Use of our services (daycare, grooming, training, & boarding) at least every 2 months

Any boarding spots still available one month prior to the holiday date will be opened up for all clients. For example: Christmas boarding will be available to all clients, including those that don’t meet the above criteria, on 11/25.

Other Changes:

  • All dogs must be current on vaccinations, including a negative fecal, in order to book a boarding.  Proof of updated vaccines/fecal checks must be submitted 2 weeks prior to check in day
  • Due to the high demand of boarding deposits must be paid within 3 days of reservations. Unfortunately, because of no shows, the cancellation policy, as stated on our website, will be enforced (72 hours needed for non-holiday/vacation times; 2 weeks prior for holiday/vacation times).
  • The one time holiday fee of $10 per a pet will now be applied to all boardings that fall within 1 week of said holiday.
  • Our website calendar has been updated to reflect which days will be counted as holidays. Our calendar has also been updated with ‘VIP Priority Boarding’ as a guide for those of you who meet out above boarding criteria.
  • If for some reason we are completely booked and your pet needs to stay an extra night that it was not scheduled for and your pet(s) need to stay, you will be charged the boarding fee plus an additional $100 emergency boarding fee because arrangements will need to be made to accommodate your pets for the night.

Daycare updates/changes/info:

Not much has changed here, we are still on a waitlist for set schedules and days. I cannot predict how long the wait will be, as it depends on several factors.

  • Availability has become extremely limited and is on a first come first serve basis, but even the open slots are filling up weeks before. We do suggest whenever possible to give us as much notice as you can, or check in the day of, via call/text, for any last minute cancellations or no shows.  
  • As stated before in a prior newsletter, the half day hours/2 hour passes are only available at South with a pick up by 2 pm, otherwise it is a full day. North does have both AM and PM availability when scheduling a half day.  
  • As many of you were aware of the daycare availability when signing up I urge to think about whether or not to buy packages. Our packages are non-refundable so if you are not flexible with dates or you do not have a set schedule it may be best that you do not buy a package and that you pay by day.  If you are fine with terms of the packages and understand that it does not mean we can always accommodate your request then it is absolutely fine to purchase.  The terms of the packages are stated on the application agreement, website and price lists.  All packages are good for only 1 year from date of purchase with the exception of 1 month packages are only good for the month.
  • If you have a set schedule, we cannot hold your spot.  You must continue to pay or use passes for your spot if you are taking off more than 1 week at a time and you would like your spot guaranteed for your return (ie going away for the summer).  If you do not want to pay or use passes to hold your spot you will be placed on the waitlist and your spot giving to another client.
  • If you have a set schedule and do not give the proper 24 cancellation notice or you do not show a pass will be used or you will be charged for the day.  If this happens two weeks in a row we will reach out to you to see if you still want your spot, if we do not hear from you than your spot will be forfeited.

Grooming updates/changes/info:

  • We just wanted to remind you that although we try to always accommodate day of grooming requests or short notice request it is not always possible and we have been booking out usually around 2 weeks for haircuts/trims.  
  • If you would like your pet groomed while boarding with us please let us know ahead of time and please note that sometimes pick up time might be later to accommodate or the grooming might need to be done the day before if an early pick up time.  If you no longer want to keep your grooming appointment then please let us know 24 hours prior.  
  • Unfortunately we have turned dogs away that would like those appointments and if you cancel short notice we can not fill them.  It can also can make some kinks in scheduling if we made special arrangements to accommodate, such as having a groomer come in early.

Training updates/changes/info:

  • We have 2 training assistants helping with the daycare training and specialized daycare dogs, if you would like to take advantage of this please email training@chewiesplayland.com  
  • We are implementing a 24 hour cancellation policy due to the demand of training appointments and the number of late cancellations or no shows, we are sorry to have to do this but there are clients patiently waiting to come in.  There will be a cancellation fee assessed to your account, multiple cancellations may result in the session being pre-paid or having a card on file to process a cancellation fee.
  • We will be starting our Canine Good Citizen prep group classes and Advanced Adventures group classes again.  If you are interested please email the training email above.  There will be a new announcement about this soon!

Other Services updates/changes/info:

Field Trips:

  • We want all pups to be able to go on them and we know space has been limited and they have been filling up fast.  We will be adding more on our calendar and will post them on social media.  I needed to wait to see the summer schedule changes.  
  • In addition to adding more Field trips to the calendar.  We will be doing impromptu field trips, if you want your pup added to the grab me when you can list please email us and we can put you on it!
  • You can sign up for private swim time and field trips as well.

Bark and Ride:  

  • Just a reminder: Pick up times are between 7am & 9am; Drop off times are between 5pm & 7pm.  Due to limited availability/route planning, there’s a 24 hrs cancelation policy to avoid being charged for the service.
  • Please book Bark and Ride as far in advance as possible. Routes vary daily, as do estimated pick up times. Please make prior arrangements if someone cannot be home for the estimated pick up/drop off time. Such as leaving a door unlocked or dropping off a key prior to pick up day.
  • We do our best, but we cannot always accommodate same day requests. We may have to charge a fee if special arrangements need to be made outside the normal pick up window


We are following the CDC guidelines now that the mask mandate has been lifted in our area.  

Thank you all for being a part of Chewie’s and I am beyond grateful for all of you, we appreciate you and love being in your pets lives.  We are continually problem solving and trying make sure we can offer you the best care for your pets!  Thank you also for baring with us as we have been overwhelmingly busy and doing the best we can.  If you have any questions or concerns or perhaps some tips on a possible 3rd location/bigger location site ;) Please feel free to reach out to us or me personally as always.

Bonnie and the Chewie’s Crew


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