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Fall/Winter Newsletter 2023

Fall/Winter Calendar 2023

Underwater/Hydro Treadmill

Underwater/Hydro-treadmill therapy is primarily used in dogs to help aid with a quicker return to normal function of limb/joint use, mobility and improved muscle strength after surgery or injury.  It also improves the  range of motion in compromised joints and is used in dogs for athletic conditioni…

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Jan 2022 News and Calendar

Fall/Winter Newsletter 2021

Fall/Winter Newsletter 2021


Hello Chewie's Family,

Grooming: We have been extremely busy grooming and our team is doing an amazing job!  The new grooming email is gr…

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June 2021 Newsletter: Policy Updates and Other information

Hello Chewie’s Family,

News, updates, and important policy information!

We are all ecstatic that life is finally finding it’s way back to some normalcy again, but unfortunately it isn’t without its issues here at Chewies. Although we wish we could accommodate everyone, and we are trying our be…

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Jan 2021 Price Increase, Packages and Other News

Common Reasons for Dogs to Cough and/or Sneeze:

Helpful Info from Chewie’s Playland                                                                                    

Common Reason’s for Dogs to Cough and/or Sneeze:                     …

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Diving More in Depth with Kennel Cough/Canine Cough/Puppy Cold




Diving More in Depth with Kennel Cough/Canine Cough/Puppy Cold:

In owning a pet care business there is few things that can bring anxiety to the business and pet owners alike, one being Kennel Cough and the other is giardia.  Both are just as common as passing a GI bug or the co…

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Fall Newsletter 2020

Hello Chewie's Family,

We are extremely grateful for all of our clients that have returned and our new clients that have joined us! We love what we do and are happy to be here for you! So what's new for Chewie's?!?!

Grooming: We have been extremely busy grooming and our team is doing an amazi…

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BOOK YOUR EXIT 8 DOGGIE DAYCARE TO RECEIVE 10% off your next package! Your pup can attend both locations if you already have a spot at exit 5 :) We can also bring your pup to the new location from exit 5 for an additional $5 in the Chewie's Mobile!