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Chewie's Playland

Doggie Day Care, Boarding, Training and more!

Our Policies




All Owners must complete the application and keep information current.


There is no age requirements for doggie day care but we do require that they are up to date and on schedule on their booster vaccinations.  Owner assumes additional risk if their pets are not completely vaccinated. Puppies can start if they have their Distemper, Kennel Cough, and Fecal Check and Rabies by 16 weeks


There is no weight restrictions at Chewie’s Playland.  We have areas for designated for toy sized dogs to large breed dogs.  All animals will be playing with dogs around there size or who they feel comfortable with.


All dogs must be spayed or neutered if they are over 6 months old and never attended daycare prior.  If there is medical reason for which they can not be spayed or neutered it can be discussed to see if arrangements can be made for daycare but there will be restrictions. Once dogs start showing maturity they my need to be moved into specialized daycare, or wait to return to Chewie's after they are neutered/spayed. Dogs in heat are not allowed to attend.


All dogs are required to have their Rabies, DHPP, and Kennel Cough vaccine.  If your dog is a puppy they are able to attend as long as they are on schedule with their puppy boosters, proof will be required and verified with your veterinarians office.  All dogs will also need to show proof of a negative fecal test. Puppies can start if they have their Distemper, Kennel Cough, and Fecal Check and Rabies by 16 weeks.


All dogs at Chewie’s Playland need to be in good health.  Dogs that have medical conditions that are being managed  and are cleared by their veterinarian will be able to attend, they may have restrictions placed on what they are allowed to participate in.  All owners will need to certify that their dog has no communicable conditions, coughing, sneezing, vomiting or diarrhea before being admitted for day care.  All dogs that are ill will not be able to attend day care until they are well for 3 to 7 days depending on their illness unless they are cleared by their veterinarian.  If an illness occurs while they are in our care they will be isolated from the group or treatment will be sought out in case of an emergency.


All dogs at Chewie’s Playland need to be non-aggressive in order to play in groups.  Owners will need to certify upon admittance that their dog has not shown aggressive behavior towards a person or another dog.  In the event that the dog becomes aggressive they will be removed from day care for the day.  If it occurs on more than one occasion they will be able to attend doggie day but in isolation.  We are willing to work with owners to help with behavior problems that may occur and correct them of the habit.



All fees for daycare are in the form of passes, all passes must be purchased the day of day care.  All additional services must be paid for the day they are received.  All passes are valid for 12 months except for month passes.

Boarding Fees are due at the time of discharge. 

If the invoice can not be paid there will be a $15 later fee added every 15 days.


VIP Memberships are available for 6 months and 1 year. The memberships include 10% off all purchases and complimentary nail trims every month, a grooming coupon a month and a free day of Saturday daycare (reservations are required and space maybe limited, try to plan earlier), these benefits do not carrier over to the next month. Members receive priority when making reservations. 


Reservations are required, we have a limited number of space for dogs per day, depending on their size and care that is needed.  We also have a limit for the number of private cages for dogs that need special attention.  We will always accept walk-ins if we can accommodate, but please note without a reservation we may have to tell you no :( .  Reservations can be made by e–mail/text up until 8pm the night before, waiting this late does not guarantee there is room so please try to reserve as soon as possible.  We require 24 hours notice for cancellations or you will be charged for a full day, under some circumstances this fee will be waived. 

Boarding Reservations during holiday weeks/weekends and school vacation periods (February, March, and April) require a $50 deposit per an holiday per a dog, this deposit is refundable if cancelled 14 days prior to start of boarding date. We do ask that other boarding reservations cancellations are made at least 3 days prior to boarding date to avoid a $25 cancellation fee.  If we are on waitlist for certain dates and turning away clients, you may be asked to leave a $25 deposit, which is refundable if cancelled within the 72 hours for regular boarding. If a client has cancelled more then 3 times and they are not within the times periods above you may be required to make a deposit when booking future dates.

There is also a $10 holiday fee per a pet on the major holidays, this helps reward our staff that can not enjoy the holiday.

Early Drop off/ Late Pick up

We allow pets to be dropped off or picked up outside of our normal business hours of 7am to 7 pm Monday through Friday, Saturday 9am to 4pm and Sunday 9am to 12pm and 3pm to 5pm at our NORTH location.  With in two hours of regular business opening and close the fee is $10, after this time it is $15

Drop off and Pickups are discouraged between 11pm and 5am for the safety of our boarders and staff.  If you must pick up during this time there will be an additional fee of $10 on top of the early/Late pick up fees.

IF YOU SCHEDULE AN EARLY DROP OFF OR LATE PICK UP AND DO NOT NOTIFY US THAT YOU WILL BE USING IT YOU WILL BE CHARGED.  This is because the care of our boarders are planned around the drop off's and pick ups.  In addition sometimes we have additional staff come in or stay.

Early Drop Off's and Late Pick Up's also NEED to be scheduled in advance and are not also guaranteed.  The availability depends on staff working, number of pets scheduled and number of boarders.  This is for the safety of staff and the animals so we are able to provide the best care possible.

There is a strict $25 dollar late fee enforced at our South location, if you will be more then 30 mins late, your dog will be transported to north. You will be charged a transport fee along with the late pick up fee.

Personal Items

All dogs in day care will have a cubbie/space to store their belongings during the day with us.  We encourage owners to bring their own food and treats if they are on a special diet.  Owner can also leave toys, blankets or other comfort items.  Please note that we are not responsible for toys or items that may be damaged or soiled during your pets stay.  Please label all items.


All owners should provide all possible communication methods.  In the event we can not reach you, we will call an emergency contact.  If we are unable to reach you, we will send a text message or e-mail if you provide us with the information.  In case of an emergency, the staff will act according to the best interest of your pet.  If you allow text messages/email we will send you updates/pictures/videos of your pet throughout the day for boarding.