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 "Every aspect of Maddie’s time at Chewie’s Playland has exceeded our expectations.

To name the highlights in particular:

  • Bonnie’s personalized care and attention
  • The welcoming atmosphere
  • The cleanliness and attention to detail
  • The friendly staff
  • The excellent boarding accommodations
  • AND the enthusiasm of Maddie each day as she gets ready to go to “camp” and the tired but very happy and content camper when she returns home each night"

High fives all around!


 "Skipper loves Chewie's Playland! You're doing a great job."


"I tried to ask Jester how it went at Chewie's today but he hasn't woken up yet!"

Thanks for taking such good care of him.

Jo Ann A.

 "Flan and I love you!"

Reviews from Google: 

 Bob C. 4 months ago-

 Chewie's is the best and Bonnie is Great! Abbey loves it there and is always treated well. They are beyond nice. I don't know what we would do without Chewie's

 Lara D. reviewed a month ago

Quality Excellent
Bringing my pup there is like entrusting her to a close friend. I can contact Bonnie (owner) anytime and she responds quickly just as well. The place is not too big, not too small. It is located right below the Animal Hospital which is a plus (just in case...). I can tell my pup is getting enough playtime there because she's exhausted by the time we get home.
 Kathleen R.  reviewed 2 months ago
Quality Excellent
Just got our dogs home and I have to say I am very happy with their boarding experience. Last minute decision to bring them to Chewie's (we usually take our dogs somewhere else) and now I will always bring them here. They fell asleep the whole car ride home and I know they had fun from all of the pictures Bonnie posted on her site and even texted to me! I know I am a little dog obsessed, but I think Bonnie went above and beyond and really treated my dogs like they were her own. One of our dogs Khloe is timid and she came home more confident than ever. It was was way more reasonably priced than where we usually go and it includes day-care and amazing service. First review that I have ever written but I felt like I needed to share. Worth every penny and it's nice to know there is somewhere safe to bring my pups.
Dave B. reviewed 3 months ago
Quality Excellent
I dropped Reggie off at Chewie's Playland because I needed to be out of town for a couple of days. Bonnie took care of him like he was her own! The proof to me was how comfortable Reggie seemed when I got back to pick him up. He loved that place, and I think I do too! Definitely "two thumbs up" (one thumb and one paw, that is).

 Hi Bonnie,

I wanted to thank you for all the great care that Sebastian got while we were on vacation.  The pictures you sent were perfect and gave us a comfort level that we haven't had before when we've been away.  He also was in a much friendlier state after he came home so that was a very good thing! We will definitely be back to Chewy's when we have the need to board him in the future.

Thanks again,
Karen M.

From Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/filtered_reviews/E9qnRSPRzqB6tRiqlPCO4A?fsid=E3-WY78pCvNZ81fl0q2Cuw

Love love love Chewie's! I have a 11 month old 1/2 frenchie 1/2 Boston named Grace.

Grace can't get enough of doggy daycare! We don't have kids or another dog so this interaction is all she gets with others. Bonnie posts pictures everyday of the dogs playing so you can see your pup is actually having fun. Plus, it's right in the animal hospital. If I need to take Grace for shots, they take her during the day to get them. 

When Grace was spayed Bonnie kept a close eye on her throughout the day and next morning. She sent adorable pictures showing she made it thru surgery well.

I board Grace when needed. I can tell they take great care of her as she doesn't come back with a different personality.  The best part is that the boarding area is clean and the dogs have ample space. 

The Playland is clean and well-run. Pricing is inline with other playlands in the area.
Heather T.

Absolutely the place to bring you dog!!! I have been bringing my yellow lab Ayda since she was 12 weeks old. It is her favorite place to be. She is able to play and enjoy both inside and outside play areas. She has become very well socialized, and gets a ton of attention.
The staff is all amazing and take care of your dog as if it is their own. I have always felt completely confident leaving Ayda in their care. The staff are all well educated and experienced with all types of dogs. Bonnie the owner is my go to person for any questions as a first time dog owner.
There are also grooming services offered conveniently while your dog is already at daycare. 
Highly recommend this daycare! I would never go anywhere else!!!!

Jessica C.


Walk in and you can tell - the dogs and the people are happy!  They are playing together inside and outside in the fenced-in grassy area.
The convenience of the shared facility with the animal hospital is great - makes it possible to pickup at "off" times when needed.
Highly recommended!

Sharon H.


While we were on vacation, we left our one year old King Charles Cavalier puppy, Scooter at Chewie's for a week on the recommendation of a friend. Our dog is like our fuzzy child and we were nervous about leaving him for so long.  Bonnie reassured us that he would be well cared for and he absolutely was.  She and her staff take exceptionally good care of all of the dogs, treating them like they are their own. Since coming back from vacation, we have been taking him for Saturday playgroup nearly every week even though it means driving to NH from Boston. Scootie pulls my arm out of the socket to get in the door, he loves coming so much! We love that Bonnie posts pictures so we can see our dogboy enjoying his puppy time.  It makes us smile and it is reassuring to us to know that he is safe and happy.  I highly recommend Chewie's.  Not only does Bonnie take wonderful care of the pups, she takes excellent care of puppy parents!

Jenn W.

Chewie's Playland is a well kept Nashua secret.  Bonnie treats each dog like they were her own !  The play area is well kept, very pleasant and extremely clean.  The employees are friendly, engaging and love the animals.  They get right in the play areas with them ! 

Our bichon frise comes home happy and content instead of worn out and frazzled.   There is a big difference in his personality when we pick him up.  If there is a medical issue, Bonnie is a trained vet tech and the hospital is right there.  I went on vacation and didn't worry for a change.  

I plan on taking advantage of her daycare also in the near future.

Thanks Bonnie !!

Dawn B.

From FaceBook:
5 Stars: Maddy can't wait to get to Chewie's once we open the door! She loves seeing and playing with her friends! ~Kristen L.
5 Stars: Chewie's Playland has been AMAZING for my Great Dane, Sergeant. He's a specialty breed and the not the easiest dog to handle given his size, but Bonnie and her team have always done a great job with him! He comes home tired but I also know that he's extremely safe throughout the day. It's also brought peace of mind to know that there's an animal hospital adjoining Chewie's facility. Sarge had his second birthday party at Chewie's and it's everything I wanted! Thank you Chewie's! We love all that you do and we love coming to play! ~ Brittney M.
5 Stars: Love Chewie's. More importantly, so does my pooch. Worth every penny. ~Chris Dongarra
5 Stars: Sampson and I highly recommend Chewie's. Bonnie and her staff are wonderful, and I trust them 100% with my baby. He always has a great time, and I love to see the pictures they post on FB. ~ Heidi L.
Our older Golden stayed at Chewies for the first time. Bonnie was able to accommodate boarding on Very short notice and we appreciated that. Thank you for the posts on Facebook. We highly recommend Chewie's Playland. Bonnie and her staff were -awesome!! ~ Karen G.
5 Stars: We have brought Bisbee here a few times now, and I can say with 100% certainty that Chewie's Playland is a wonderful place where pups can go and be treated like one of their own. The people who work there are very loving and caring and we now have peace of mind that Bisbee is safe and happy when we cannot be with him. (^_^) He gets ALOT of playtime, outisde potty breaks and even MORE playtime! As an added bonus, Chewie's is located below an animal hospital -- so we know if something happens, Bisbee is at a place where he will be taken care of, and everyone knows what to do! Thank you, Chewie's! ~ Meghan H.
5 Stars: We boarded our dog, Charlie, at Chewies for the first time this weekend. We received multiple txt upates/pics/videos over the weekend plus saw losts of pics on Facebook! We really felt like Bonnie and team treated him like their own! Also, he was absolutely pooped when he came home from all his playtime! We will definitely be back! ~ Kerry O.
5 Stars: I would recommend Chewie's to anybody! I had to board my cat there for a few days and received an update on him every day including pictures. My cat was happy and taken care of. And I wouldn't hesitate to leave him there again in the -future. Thank you so much, Bonnie and staff!! ~Colie P.
5 Stars: I recently boarded my cat who has a few health issues with Chewie's, and they took excellent care of her! I loved getting pictures of her while we were away, and she came home completely unstressed and contented (I've never seen a cat be so relaxed after a weekend at a strange place!). ~ Gilliaan C.
5 Stars: I brought my dogs Mason and Zoe to Chewie's Playland for the first time yesterday. They had a blast! Bonnie and her staff were wonderful! I will definitely bring my dogs back to Chewie's sometime soon! ~ Jess P.
5 Stars: Until we started taking Manny, to Chewies he could not be around other dogs, very aggressive not good for a nine lb chihuahua. He is now loving going to play with other dogs. It is the best in the area perhaps the best place in the world! ~ Carol F.
Bonnie and the entire staff at Chewies are awesome!! ~ Andrew P.
5 Stars: Chewie's is AWESOME.... the staff is very professional, attentive and always friendly. The facility is clean, well managed and spacious. Our dog Louie LOVES going to play here and it is great to know we can trust the staff to take good care of our baby! ~Becki S.
I think it's a great place, U can tell the staff really cares about our pets. ~ Lois H.