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Chewie's Playland

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Chewie's Playland Indoor Play Park/Agility at Chewie's South

In March of 2022 Chewie's South has expanded to include an indoor play park with some agility equipment to rent privately and open play periods will be available in the next coming months.  The space is approximately 3,500 sqft. Complete with agility flooring for padding and texture and 8-10 agility obstacles, toys, enrichment toys, and treats.

All existing clients will need to fill out a waiver in order to reserve a time, new clients are required to fill out our main application plus the indoor park agility waiver.  Both are located to the right of this box.

This space will also be used for enrichment sessions for daycare dogs, for enrichment sessions no additional waivers are needed.

Rental Day/Times as of now (will be expanding in the future but feel free to request to see if we can accommodate):

Monday thru Friday: 10 am to 6 pm

Saturday: 10 am to 3 pm

Sunday: 10 am to 2 pm


Indoor Play Park/Agility Private Rental 30 minutes


Additional Dogs


Indoor Play Park/Agility Private Rental 45 minutes


Additional Dogs


Indoor Play Park/Agility Open Play 30 Minutes per dog (limited space)


Indoor Play Park/Agility Open Play 45 Minutes per dog (limited space)


Enrichment Session with Daycare 20 minutes


Additional Dog Enrichment Session 20 minutes



  1. Completed forms
  2. Please have your dogs go to the bathroom prior to entering the indoor play area.
  3. Keep your dog leashed while inside general areas and while waiting.
  4. Please clean any accidents with the appropriately labeled cleaner. 
    1. All solid accidents can be picked up with the provided bags, then please wipe the area clean with a Lysol wipe.  Dispose of waste in the appropriate bin.
    2. Urine accidents can be cleaned with a rag and our yellow-marked cleaning bottles. We also have a wireless carpet cleaner to help suck up any other liquids.  If you need help using it please let a staff member know.
  5. Wear and Tear are expected however if your dog causes major damage, you may be partially charged to repair or replace it.
  6. All toys and equipment should be put back in their areas.
  7. If you do not clean up after your pet's accidents or marking of the equipment there is a $50 cleaning charge, if it happens 3 times, you will be suspended from renting the indoor play park and agility equipment.
  8. If the toys are ruined please bring attention to the staff so they can get you new ones, and the older ones discarded.