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Fitness and Wellness

Chewie's is dedicated health and wellness of all pets and offer services that may be hard to find in Southern NH.

Under-Water treadmills or hydro-treadmills benefits (all size dogs and ages).

  • Faster recovery from injury or recovery from post surgical procedures.
  • Help pets that have joint, knee and hip problems either from aging or from disease build strength and increase range of motion.
  • Hydro-treadmill therapy is also used in pets for weight management and fitness conditioning as it creates a reduced weight-bearing environment which helps discomfort when exercising.
  • Helps maintain balance and stability because the water adds comforts with resistance slowing the gait pattern of the dog.
  • Injured joints often show reduced range of motion. Underwater treadmill walking allows a correct but exaggerated gait pattern, which improves joint flexion, and extension. (for example ACL injuries/surgical repair).

Our underwater/hydro treadmill has a range of speeds, water depth range, water temperature and direction that can be determined each session to best achieve the desired outcome for a pet.  Our underwater/hydro treadmill does not feature jets for increased resistance.

We can help you work closely with your veterinarian/specialist or physical therapist to provide that extra boost to get your pet feeling better or in better condition.  If you would like a more in depth explanation please visit our blog.

PRICING: Please note that the treadmill takes about 10-15 mins to fill up depending on depth and to drain. Towels are provided and there is a blow dyer in the Self Wash Station if needed

Water Treadmill 30 mins $50.  (1 hour total time blocked off)

Water Treadmill 60 mins $90 (90 mins total time blocked off)

Water Treadmill while in daycare: $30 for 30 mins

Please contact us if you are a veterinarian or physical therapist for discounted rates if you would like to bring your patient to Chewie's to use or incorporate it into your program

**There is a $75 to 150 cleaning fee if you dog goes to the bathroom while using the Underwater/Hydro Treadmill. (Diapers are provided for elderly patients if needed**

Carpet Treadmill Benefits: (Good for dogs over 15 pounds)

  • Exercise during cold, hot or rainy weather
  • Weight loss/Fitness conditioning
  • Rehabilitation after surgery or injury
  • Exercise for dogs with owners who have a disability
  • Exercise for dogs who become reactive on leashed walks
  • Self-paced

Carpet Treadmills are not powered and go at the rate of speed determined by the dog, this gives the dog more control over their speed and can increase their confidence.  Since the dog is attached to a harness there is a decrease in falling or slipping as the dog is attached to the frame via a harness.  The carpet treadmills can burn more calories than motorized and water treadmills.  It can be a little more challenging to train a dog to go on one, but once a dog is confident enough, they can enjoy it and its many health benefits.

PRICING for Carpet Treadmill:

Carpet Treadmill 30 mins $30 (If never used one before we highly recommend a 30-minute training appointment)

Carpet Treadmill while in daycare $15 for 15 mins

**There is a cleaning fee of $10 dollars if your dog has an accident while using the treadmill**

The use of balancing bones can be added to any treadmill service for $5 for 10 mins.





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